Family Chiropractic

Chiropractic care is a holistic approach to health that helps the body to achieve its optimal performance level. A family chiropractor treats every member of the family from newborns to seniors. In Dallas, TX, Dr. Mark Currington treats injuries of all types and also provides information about healthy living. 

Chiropractic manipulations

Chiropractic manipulations, also called chiropractic adjustments, are both manual or instrument-assisted movements to either the spine or the extremities. When joints are out of alignment they can cause pain and won’t work as efficiently as they should. The spine is the body’s message highway and impulses from the brain travel to all the other body parts through it. When a vertebra is not in alignment, it puts stress on the soft tissues and may apply pressure to the nerves themselves. Manipulations can be gentle or vigorous, your family chiropractor will use the one that is appropriate for you and your family members.


Therapeutic Massage

Helps the body to be more receptive to other treatments, including manipulations. Your chiropractor may use it before performing an adjustment to prepare the soft tissues supporting the spine for the movement of the vertebrae. It helps to reduce recovery time and if you have soft tissue injuries, chiropractic massage also helps with pain and muscle spasms.

Therapeutic exercise

Exercise is an important component of the healing provided by chiropractic care. It helps to increase flexibility and balance. Your chiropractor will recommend specific exercises to fit with the areas that need to be helped, including stretching. Exercising your core will enable it to better support your back. By designing a personalized program for you, you will be able to continue your recovery at home between your chiropractic visits. 

Spinal Decompression

Back pain caused by a herniated or bulging disc used to mean that surgery was the only option. Today, using a specifically designed computer program, your spine can be decompressed with a great deal of accuracy. Stretching the vertebrae creates a suction that can pull the disc back into its correct position between the vertebrae. This removes the pressure placed by the disc on the nerves surrounding the spine and pain relief can happen pretty quickly after the disc moves. It can take between two and three months for the treatment to be effective, but the potential to avoid surgery makes it a great option. 

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