Pregnancy Chiropractic

We hope your pregnancy is a joyous experience that transforms your family for the better. However, it can also cause pain, making life very uncomfortable and difficult. Thankfully, pregnancy chiropractor Dr. Mark Currington in Dallas, Texas, can help you with this problem and ensure you get the support you need to recover. 

Pregnancy Pain: A Common Problem

During pregnancy, back pain is a prevalent issue affecting many women in the U.S. Each year, more than 6 million pregnant women experience back pain, with about half of them enduring it throughout pregnancy and three-quarters experiencing it during labor. This pain can be persistent and is primarily caused by several factors. Firstly, as the baby develops, the increasing weight puts pressure on the lower back. Simultaneously, the expanding uterus shifts the pelvis and stretches pelvic ligaments, which soften and provide less support to the spine. The belly’s growth also alters the back’s curvature, contributing to discomfort. Additionally, the developing baby can pinch the sciatic nerve, further exacerbating back pain. Moreover, the overall weight gain due to the growing baby adds strain to the back muscles and joints, intensifying the discomfort experienced by expectant mothers.

Managing back pain during pregnancy involves various strategies aimed at alleviating discomfort and supporting overall well-being. These may include gentle exercises tailored for pregnancy, such as pelvic tilts and stretches, which can help strengthen muscles and improve flexibility. Maintaining good posture, using proper body mechanics, and wearing supportive footwear can also mitigate strain on the back. Applying heat or cold packs to the affected area, receiving prenatal massages, and practicing relaxation techniques like prenatal yoga or meditation can provide relief. Consulting with healthcare providers, such as obstetricians or physical therapists, ensures that expectant mothers receive personalized guidance and care to manage and alleviate back pain effectively throughout pregnancy.

How We Can Manage This Issue

Dr. Currington can help with your pregnancy back pain by providing hands-on care that strengthens your body. He will:

  • Assess your back pain problems and diagnose where they begin 
  • Set you up on a pregnancy-safe table for careful adjustments 
  • Work carefully and slowly to adjust your back positioning
  • Provide long-term support after your delivery

We aim to work you through troubling pregnancy-related back pain and help you feel more robust and secure. Once your baby is born, we can help you with any lingering troubles and give you the strong and healthy back you deserve to minimize unnecessary suffering.

We Can Work You Through This Pain

If you need pregnancy chiropractic from a professional you can trust in Dallas, Texas, we’re here to help. Dr. Currington has worked with thousands of pregnant women and feels comfortable providing high-quality care that meets your needs. Please call us at 214-520-1006 if you live in Dallas and are experiencing pregnancy-related back pain.

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